February 12, 2010


By Romulo “Je” Alipio, Executive Producer, Games

DISCOVERY is the big buzzword in mobile now. Everyone is talking about application discovery, content discovery, game discovery, social network discovery . . .

Not long ago, application development was a dying industry. Content was tied to telco portals, which restricted the content available to consumers. Then, along came the Apple App Store whose success is fostering imitation by Nokia, Google and others.

But if you're a mobile consumer, how do you find what you want? And how do you do it quickly?

Mobile users have demonstrated they do not want to spend much time looking for content. Time searching is time not-playing. And the extra time online also often adds to consumer phone bills.

So, at Djuzz, we spent time thinking about how to make it easy for consumers to find what they're looking for, whether it's a specific title or a genre. We also designed the portal to dynamically highlight the most popular content.

Let's take a closer look. In this blog, I'd like to walk you through the user interface.