January 16, 2009


By Delynn Ho, Regional Director, Southeast Asia

Hi. My name is Delynn (“De – Lynn”) and I head up BuzzCity's Asia sales team. In my contributions to the GammaLife blog, I plan to share examples of how companies conduct branding and marketing exercises on the mobile internet. By the very nature of our business, these cases often extend beyond one particular geographic region and this week's story is no exception.

Emami – an Indian company that specialises in personal care products – aimed to increase brand recognition of a facial cream for men called “Fair and Handsome”. The fast-moving consumer goods business also wanted to survey consumer perceptions. So, Emami turned to a Singapore-based company called Mobiquest that partners with clients to provide mobile application services. Together, Emami and Mobiquest produced a contest-driven mobile campaign in two countries, India and Kenya.

I'm going to dive into a fair bit of detail now, but I think this will be useful for advertisers and publishers alike.

January 08, 2009


The BuzzCity Advertising Network grew 300% in 2008 as compared with a year earlier. BuzzCity served more than 19.5 billion ad banners across the 200+ country network.

We're also happy to report more depth in the network as 28 countries now each draw more than 10 million ad banners per month.