March 27, 2012

Mobile Ad Growth

by Hisham Isa, Vice President (Marketing)

The Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers are reporting that mobile ad spend jumped 157% in the UK to more than ₤200 million in 2011, driven largely by the rapid update of apps and social media, cheaper data packages and the increased use of mobile to watch online videos.

The IAB and PWC are spot on when it comes to measuring mobile ad growth, but we think they miss the mark a bit on the causes.

This week, I'll take a closer look at mobile ad spending as well as examine a key sector for future growth, mCommerce.

March 23, 2012

Preventing Click Fraud

By Delynn Ho, Vice President, Sales

If you're an advertiser, you've probably heard about 'click fraud,' which occurs when a person or automated programme imitates a consumer by clicking on banner ads with the intent of generating bogus ad charges, which in turn can affect your advertising campaign and cost you money.

Late last year, for example, the US FBI busted a cyber-ring that had infected 4 million computers in 100 countries and netted more than US$14 million by manipulating online ads.

But as a mobile advertiser, to what extent is this an issue you need to be concerned about?

And what are companies like BuzzCity doing to protect you?

March 02, 2012

The Conversation Publishers Must Have With Advertisers

By Delynn Ho, VP Sales 

You're a digital media player with a great mobisite and significant traffic. You've built it and they were supposed to come. But where are the premium advertisers, the ones who value your content like you do, as it should be valued?

The advertisers who sign up to your sites don't pay enough. Or maybe you're not attracting any premium advertisers at all.

What should you be doing differently?

As Kok Fung wrote last week, there's a disconnect between publishers and advertisers. It's like they speak different languages. Publishers talk about CPCs, CPDs, CPMs, etc. Media planners want information about age, gender, income, readers' hobbies, shopping habits and more.

As a content publisher, you need to meet the media planners half-way by knowing your audience better and presenting this information clearly in a language that media buyers understand.

Here's how . . .