February 24, 2012

Death by Data : What Advertisers and Media Planners Need to Know

By Lai Kok Fung, BuzzCity CEO

The internet is likely now the world's largest mass medium with more viewers and broader reach than radio, television and without question magazines and newspapers.

So why is it that advertisers have not whole-heartedly embraced internet ads? Why don't we see branding campaigns all across the mobile internet?

The answer to these questions lies in the numbers . . .

  • Media planners traditionally demand demographic and psychographic data that enables them to plan advertising campaigns targeting specific groups of consumers.
  • But these measurements are not readily available in the digital world. Instead, digital publishers rely on a completely different set of metrics -- from CPAs and CPCs to CPMs and CPDs -- which often confuse media planners.
So how do we bridge this gap between digital publishers and advertisers?

February 03, 2012

BuzzCity's Premium Channel

By Delynn Ho, VP Sales

Successfully building a brand requires that you put your brand in good company. Yet advertising only on premium sites is expensive and unlikely to meet the targets of a well-balanced media plan. So, BuzzCity has launched a cost-effective solution: The BuzzCity Premium Channel, which offers advertisers the 'long tail' of quality sites.

Frequency and Reach

By Delynn Ho, VP Sales

We hear two common complaints from ad agencies, brand planners and media buyers who say they do not want to advertise on a 'blind network' like BuzzCity:

1. “We only place media on premium sites, like CNN or MTV, where we know exactly where the banner will appear.”

2. “We only place ads on sites where we can use precise demographic targeting to reach our exact audience.”