September 27, 2013

Advertiser Campaign Tools - September 2013

By Joey Ho, Director, Partner Communications

BuzzCity is making it easier for advertisers to target their campaigns.  We've broadened the selection of carriers and included more handset makes.  You can also target a campaign specifically for smartphones, feature phones or tablets.

September 19, 2013

The Mobile Starting Point

For many, 2013 has been about launching a mobile strategy for online marketing; a more diverse set of advertisers are placing marketing dollars where the consumers are - on mobile! at the same time, over the first eight months of this year, mobile traffic to our clients has grown 31% compared to the same period last year. 

Without a doubt, the growth of mobile usage continues to drive content consumption. Notably, media players continue to drive promotions of their mobile assets – whether as mobile sites or as applications. This is mirrored, in many markets, by carriers  & access providers promoting better connectivity to digital content via faster networks. 

September 17, 2013

Financial Apps in India: Aditya Birla Money

By Manish Mishra, VP Business Development and Country Manager (India)

This is not my father's India.

At least when it comes to finance.

The Aditya Birla Group – one of India's oldest conglomerates, but a relatively new player in the financial industry – knows it too.

The group's subsidiary, Aditya Birla Money, is using mobile to connect young people to the financial markets, enabling them to better manage their money and purchase stocks and other financial products.

My father's generation was much more likely to put their money in state banks, land or gold. Invest in stocks and bonds?  Unlikely. And now we have an important Indian brand that's created an app to make money management easier.

September 02, 2013

More Campaign Optimisation Tips: Proxy Exclusion

By Nicolle Harding, Country Manager (South Africa)

It's no secret that advertisers want as much information as possible about their clients and the people who view their ads.

One of the advantages of mobile advertising is that you can target people much more specifically – and learn more about them – than with traditional print and broadcast ads or even internet advertising. Knowing someone's location, for example, can allow an advertiser to provide discounts or promotions at nearby stores and restaurants.

Some handset manufacturers and internet browsers make this hard to do though.

Blackberry and Operal Mini, for example, use proxy servers.

These proxies do two things which can affect your campaign's performance: