September 19, 2013

The Mobile Starting Point

For many, 2013 has been about launching a mobile strategy for online marketing; a more diverse set of advertisers are placing marketing dollars where the consumers are - on mobile! at the same time, over the first eight months of this year, mobile traffic to our clients has grown 31% compared to the same period last year. 

Without a doubt, the growth of mobile usage continues to drive content consumption. Notably, media players continue to drive promotions of their mobile assets – whether as mobile sites or as applications. This is mirrored, in many markets, by carriers  & access providers promoting better connectivity to digital content via faster networks. 

Similarly, the automobile industry , among the early adopters of mobile advertising, continues to invest in mobile across many markets . Their campaigns were to promote new models and to secure more test drives. In the last quarter, activity was high in the Indian subcontinent and South America.

The travel industry too continues to benefit from mobile audiences and advertisers range from budget travel operators to luxury cruises.

The first half of this year has seen more consumer brands develop their mobile strategies deploying applications that add value to the consumer experience of the brand. In Thailand, the “Equalculator” helps to calculate calorie intake from 1000 menu items and calories burnt from various exercises.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, consumer electronics store Seng Heng takes a well-rounded digital approach by making their shopping application downloadable via QR code, from various appstores and from their own website. 

In South Africa, used car portal Autotrader, is among those who have developed their mobile strategies around a mobile site as well as applications for different operating systems.

In Vietnam, Unilever’s ‘Clear’ shampoo launched digital properties – mykoolvietnam - including a mobile social media application to post local hangouts.

Having a mobile site or an application (or both) is no longer nice to have. Many domestic and international brands have come to see mobile as starting point for a digital experience that begins on a mobile device and ends up with a purchase. 

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