September 27, 2013

Advertiser Campaign Tools - September 2013

By Joey Ho, Director, Partner Communications

BuzzCity is making it easier for advertisers to target their campaigns.  We've broadened the selection of carriers and included more handset makes.  You can also target a campaign specifically for smartphones, feature phones or tablets.

1. More carriers have been added to our Telco targeting lists in the following countries:
    • Zambia carriers now include Airtel, MTN, Zamtel
    • Bangladesh : Robi, Banglalink
    • South Africa : Telecom
    • Uganda : Airtel
    • Kenya : Airtel
    • Tanzania : Airtel 
Please login to your account to see the full list of carriers for each country.
 2. The ‘Devices’ filter has also been expanded to include16 top mobile & tablet brands/makes. 

Selections based on device makes / brands can be further refined by selecting smartphones, feature phones or tablets.  Alternatively, advertisers may select platforms (eg smartphones) and their operating systems.This selection also includes the respective applications that run on these operating systems. 

This can be found under the ‘Platforms’ filter,

Visit your campaign setup page to try these out