March 31, 2008


In September '07, Kok Fung’s blog "Connecting Africa", reported on the phenomenal activity of the mobile internet, especially in South Africa. Since then we have seen more traffic from the African continent, particularly from the northern end, in Egypt.

In Q1 of 2008, we served more than 26 million banners to Egyptian users. This is a growth of 5,400% against the first quarter of 2007 when we served only 490,000 impressions. During this period, Saudi Arabian traffic grew by nearly 900% to 22 million banners.

Advertisers, like Mozat from Singapore, have been quick to take advantage of the rise of the mobile internet in the Middle East and have targeted campaigns to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

All in all, it has been a busy first quarter. We delivered 3 billion banner ads (whew!). And we deployed new services in Croatia, Iran, Namibia, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

myGamma now serves mobile networkers in 68 countries.