May 27, 2009


From time to time, here on the Gamma Life blog, we like to share ideas and tips about how to make the most of the BuzzCity ad network. In this entry, we'd like to tell you a bit more about Mobile Landing Pages.
When you create a campaign on our mobile network, you'll upload banners (graphic and/or text) and then set the hyperlink to go to a mobile site or a landing page that we provide.

Our customers are finding the landing page to be a useful tool in and of itself; some campaigns use it as a kind of microsite for specific promotional messages. There are also a number of optional tools that you can include:

  • Hyperlink – the landing page may contain info that is an auxiliary part of a larger, parent site. This option allows advertisers to send users to a main site.
  • Graphics – a graphical element always adds punch to the message and is a much used option of the landing page.
  • Click to Call – many phone models allow users to click on a link to make a call while browsing. The phone number entered appears as a link that activates a call when clicked.

  • Click to SMS – many phone models allow users to activate the SMS dialog box from their browsers. This allows campaigns on the mobile internet to activate SMS interactions with the users. Advertisers will need to enter a destination number and may choose to enter a preset response.