July 16, 2009


We've released the advertising index for the 2nd Quarter.

Indonesia remains in first position with 3.78 billion impressions. India continued its growth trend, exceeding one billion banners, securing its position at number two in the rankings. The United Kingdom rose four places on the last quarter to 5th, reflecting increased advertiser interest in off portal advertising. Saudi Arabia also saw significant growth on the last quarter (63%), jumping ten spots to number nine.

This latest report also shows growth in Europe, with three countries appearing in the Top 20 for the first time. These include the United Kingdom (17%), France (26%) and Italy (23%).

The following table shows the top 10 countries by the number of paid advertising banners delivered in each (compared to Q1 2009 results) :-

1. Indonesia: 3.78 billion (-14%)
2. India: 1.07 billion (+28%)
3. United States: 487 million (-8%)
4. South Africa: 461 million (+8%)
5. United Kingdom: 133 million (+17%)
6. The Philippines: 124 million (-1%)
7. Egypt: 108 million (-34%)
8. China: 95 million (-27%)
9. Saudi Arabia: 92 million (+63%)
10. Kenya: 92 million (+15%)

Click here to view the full report

In the last week, our ad serving capabilities has also been extended to include carrier targeting capabilities in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. This increases targetting capabilities to 28 major markets globally.