June 29, 2010

Commentary : The Pull Between Mobile Apps And Mobile Websites v2

More and more companies are investing in mobile, but less and less are planning the right mobile strategy.

The push to build Mobile Apps is strong.  But the ROI of mobile websites is definitely better.

So forget the massive media hype and think strategically about your company's advertising and branding strategies.

Companies who intend to adopt a mobile strategy seem to assume that apps will provide the best customer experience and therefore convert to sales.

In truth, mobile apps and mobile internet are two totally different portals and should never be treated as one. Mobile apps and mobile web have different audiences with different viewings habits and each should be implemented with the different mindsets in mind.

Whilst the iPhone might receive the most attention, the mobile web works across a much wider variety of mobile platforms.  Whilst the UK might still feel the iPhone is “the next big thing”, the majority of the world is still only using WAP-enabled phones.

iPhone sales, according to ComScore, have risen 161%, which must mean that all users are accessing apps, right? No, this is not the case. Whilst a fractionally higher amount – 87% compared to 85% - use apps compared to browsing  the mobile internet on the iPhone, its users only account for 14% of the global smartphone market. In the greater scheme of the mobile world, this percentage won’t secure the required results.

Understanding your target audience will ultimately help you decide the best solution for your mobile strategy – whether this is mobile app or mobile web. But, we still conclude that businesses need to consider a wider mobile strategy, beyond the app.

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