April 19, 2011

The BuzzCity Report (Vol 1 Issue 2)

The BuzzCity Report for the first quarter of 2011,  as before, includes detailed statistics and analytics, which maps the trends and forces that are shaping the mobile internet advertising. 

In this latest edition we report on:-
  1. The number of ads served on our network increased 38% globally over the past three months, to 23.2 billion ad impressions.  This means more reach for advertisers and opportunities in new markets for content developers. By the end of March 2011, our network served more than 9 billion ads per month.
  2. Countries that stand out this quarter include Spain (225% increase) and the USA (+72%). Others that have continued strong existing growth trends include Egypt (+144%), China (+130%), Mexico (+93%), South Korea (+92%), Thailand (+92%) and Turkey (+82%).
  3. The continued consumer demand for mobile content, 
  4. The most successful tactics currently used to promote apps (essential reading for all developers), 
  5. How the live music industry is responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by the mobile internet .
Click here to download the report.