July 14, 2011

The BuzzCity Report: Vol 1 Issue 3

The latest BuzzCity Report has been released, covering our activity for the second quarter of 2011. The report includes detailed statistics on the performance of the network and studies the trends and forces that are shaping mobile internet advertising.

As the latest issue explains, we’ve posted another quarter of exceptionally strong growth:
  1. The number of ads served has increased by 30% this quarter, to 30.2 billion, an important milestone for the ad network (for the first quarter in our history, we’ve averaged over 10 billion ads a month).
  2. Our top 20 countries delivered 76% of all banners served (23 billion).
  3. We now have four markets which serve over 1 billion ads per quarter, namely India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the United States. We anticipate that in the course of the current quarter, at least one other country will join this list.
  4. Other countries that stand out for their rapid growth include Saudi Arabia (50% growth over the previous quarter), Nigeria (+44%), Thailand (+82%), Mexico (+36%) and Brazil (+68%).
In our ‘Quarterly Feature’ and ‘Media Insight’ sections, we’ve focused on fragmentation, and the challenges that marketers face when developing apps. We investigate best practices on reducing risk, to ensure that they’re reaching their intended target markets. Our coverage includes:
  1. The basics: What an operating system is, the inherent limitations that operating systems impose, and the functionality that they allow.
  2. Approaches: Establishing a strategy for app development that promotes your brand, and promotional strategies on the mobile internet.
  3. Advice from the experts: We talk to experts in the field of app development, in developing and developed markets, for their advice on brand-building using apps.
Download the latest report here