January 17, 2012

The BuzzCity Report ( Volume 2 Issue 1 )

In 2011, consumers continued their mass adoption of mobile technologies, and many brands took their first steps to benefit from the marketing opportunities that inevitably follow in the wake of that adoption.

Our ad network grew in Q4 by a further 16%, reaching a total of 38.9 billion ads served globally. So, by year end, we reached a total that’s 139% higher than 2010.

The industry has not only grown – it’s matured too. A year ago, just three countries were serving in excess of one billion ads per quarter on our network. Now, ten countries have broken through into the “billion club”, and several more are sure to follow next quarter. These are:-

  1. India    9.56 bil impressions / quarter.
  2. Indonesia    5.60 bil
  3. United States    2.81 bil
  4. Canada    1.38 bil
  5. Mexico    1.31 bil
  6. Vietnam    1.19 bil
  7. Saudi Arabia    1.14 bil
  8. South Africa    1.12 bil
  9. United Kingdom    1.03 bil
  10. Thailand    1.00 bil

With such a rapid pace of growth and maturation, things change fast, and no marketer can afford to make assumptions. So, this quarter, we release the results of our latest Mobile Payments and Commerce Survey, which reveals the demographics, attitudes and mobile commerce habits of mobile consumers in 17 countries.

Please download the full report here