July 31, 2012

The BuzzCity Report - Volume 2 Issue 3

The latest edition of The BuzzCity Report is now available.  In the last quarter our network grew by 13% and served 51.2 billion banners to a global audience of 300 million mobile surfers. We’ve served three quarters of last year’s annual traffic already and at this rate, traffic is expected to double again this year.

At the same time, growth of smartphones on our network rose to 47% by the start of June 2012. Among the top smartphone markets are: 

  • Saudi Arabia (94%)
  • UK (90%)
  • Spain (88%)
  • Singapore (80%)
  • China (87%)
To drive further growth in each market, original content will play a key role in developing local smartphone usage. The role of handset manufacturers in supporting creation of local content will be an important trend to watch in the coming months.

Please download the full report here for a detailed look at our detailed statistics and analytics. The report is also summarised as an infographic here.