September 17, 2012

The BuzzCity Report - Volume 2 Issue 4

In this issue of The BuzzCity Report, we feature the results of a user survey conducted in July 2012. This is the sixth and largest of our studies on mobile Internet usage – more than 10,000 respondents from 71 countries took part.

The study is intended to help publishers and advertisers fine-tune their content & marketing strategies as consumer online behavior evolves.

Our findings suggest: -

1. The mobile Internet has become an integral part of most people’s daily lives – for the young and old. Those who surf come from all income brackets and business sectors.

2. Mobiles are the preferred surfing tool although a shift to surfing with multiple devices is seen among some consumers. However, a lot of behaviour from mobile consumers remains unchanged.

3. Consumers still want to do more with their phones!

The survey is also summarised as an infographic that highlights the key learnings.