December 12, 2012

Planning Your Campaign Deployment

In our last blog post, it has become clear that mobile shopping is on the rise. This naturally creates a significant opportunity for advertisers and marketers, highlighting again that mobile can no longer be ignored as one of the top consumer channels of choice.  We simply cannot disregard the impact mobile is having on consumer spending trends. 

Marketers must swiftly adapt to changes in consumer behaviour by developing for a mobile experience first and then progressively enhancing content for larger screens. Adopting this ‘mobile-first’ approach will enable brands to create engaging mobile campaigns that reach their target audiences more effectively.

But even as this is happening, the savvy mobile marketer is also adopting a ‘featurephone first’ approach, by winning over consumers even before they migrate to smartphones and developing campaigns for the remaining 50% of our network that are yet to acquire smartphones.

Meanwhile, even as smartphone usage increases, developers for the android platform will want to take note of the latest markets for these devices.

Top Android Markets : November 2012

  1. Luxembourg : 50%
  2. Taiwan : 47%
  3. Germany : 43%
  4. China : 36%
  5. Austria : 35%
  6. Brunei : 34%
  7. Ireland : 33%
  8. Israel : 33%
  9. Netherlands : 32%
  10. United Kingdom : 32%
For a broader summary, please download a tabulated index abstracted from our online Campaign Planner as a guide to your campaign deployment.