January 30, 2013

The BuzzCity Report - Volume 3 Issue 1

By the start of 2013, our network has grown by another 67% Y-on-Y : over the whole of last year we delivered more than 210 billion ads. Among the top markets in the last quarter :-
  1. India : 18,608,919,690 banners served.
  2. Indonesia : 6,864,742,844
  3. United States : 2,954,184,407
  4. Nigeria : 2,383,223,756
  5. South Africa : 2,270,907,788
  6. Saudi Arabia : 1,838,635,714
  7. United Kingdom : 1,568,121,889
Notable among some of the hotspots at the end last year :

  • India saw four quarters of double digit growth and closed off with a Year-on-Year growth of 46%.  By Dec 2012, just fewer than 25% of Indian mobile users surfed with smartphones. 
  •  Indonesia saw three quarters of positive growth although demand softened in the 4th quarter of 2012. Overall, Indonesian traffic saw a Y-on-Y growth of 39%. By Dec 2012, nearly a third of Indonesian (33%) surfers used smartphones. 
  •  Nigeria’s phenomenal growth continues. Three quarters of double digit growth led to a Y-on-Y annual growth of 68%. Nokia phones dominate the market (39%, previously 62%) although White Box (30%) phones continue to gain popularity (previously 24%). Smartphone penetration remains modest (10%) in relation to the rest of the network and advertisers are targeting feature phones users before they migrate to smartphones.
  • South Africa saw an overall growth of 57% in 2012 and smartphone penetration has grown to 32% and is rapidly becoming a mainstream device. Usage is expected to grow as many more will enjoy the benefits of reduced bandwidth costs and improved infrastructure. 
 For more details, please download the full report here.