February 25, 2013

Brandsafe Channels on BuzzCity

As more brands begin advertising on mobile, we put more effort into a white listing effort to create a brandsafe advertising environment. If the goal is to get exposure to your brand, asking for specific channels makes sense as you want the right audience to see your brand. 

Each channel is a collection of sites aggregated together for advertisers providing high reach environment in a single category or theme. Each channel directs your banner ads to the right audience from a large variety of traffic available.

  1. News &  Information
  2. This is a set of highly moderated, manually selected sites (or apps) picked to create a brand safe advertising environment. Sites selected for this channel have editorialised current affairs content covering News (Global/ National/ Business/ Sports); Search; Education, Books & References; Weather; Medicine; Transport.
  3. Entertainment & Lifestyle
  4. This is a similarly moderated, brand safe channel These are editorialised lifestyle themed content covering TV & Video; Music & Radio; Magazines; Travel; Shopping; Photography; Health, Beauty & Fitness; Food & Drinks; Sports; Gadgets & Technology; Games
  5. Mobile Portals
  6. This is a manually selected, brand safe channel containing Sites that, characteristically, provides free downloads for Mobile Games, Ringtones, Wallpapers in directory type listings.
  7. Utilities
  8. This is another channel of manually selected sites forming a brand safe channel containing Mobile Productivity Tools (Organizer; Converter; Navigation; Drawing, etc.)
  9. Mobile Content
  10. Sites included here are self-classified by each participating publisher. These contain many varieties of mobile downloads and content, not moderated by our staff.
  11. Community 
  12. Sites included here are self-classified by each participating publisher and contains services based on user generated content . Sites (or applications) include chat, blogs, photo sharing, classifieds ,etc.
  13. Glamour & Dating
  14. Sites included here are self-classified by each participating publisher and generally include profile driven match making services and/or ‘pin-up’ art.
  15. Adult Sites
  16. Sites included here self-classified by each participating publisher. The sites and applications contain explicit adult themes generally unsuitable for minors (nudity, gambling etc)

Advertisers need to be aware that our whitelisting exercise is an ongoing activity:-

  1. Publishers need to apply to be included in our brand safe channels. (They are otherwise self-classified as Mobile Content, Community, Glamour & Dating or Adult)
  2. These are evaluated on historical activity of traffic (and therefore earnings), and
  3. Are only assigned to the appropriate channels (News & Information, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Mobile Portals or Utilities) after moderation by our team.
  4. Channel integrity is maintained by continued moderation on a monthly basis.

Regardless of category, our click fraud algorithms are rigorously applied to all channels. These algorithms use many elements (e.g. IP address, user sessions, carrier information, browsers etc) that allow us to monitor potential fraud.
On top of all this, when ad banners are queued for approval, they are assigned to the appropriate channels selected during the campaign setup. 

What does this all mean? 

Advertisers will need to look at their campaigns from two separate aspects:- 

Branding –securing a broad reach that provides scale and share of voice to create awareness in a safe environment.

Direct Response – secure a positive performance with a result based campaign with appropriate targeting parameters

Please talk to our Account Managers for a sample list of brand safe sites in each channel or if you wish to discuss targeting options for your direct response campaigns.