April 16, 2013

The BuzzCity Report : Vol 3 Issue 2

The latest edition of The BuzzCity Report is now available. In the first quarter of this year we delivered more than 61 billion paid ads; a 36% Y-on-Y growth against Q1 of 2012.

In this report we look at those hotspots that have attracted advertising dollars and we believe will continue to do so in the coming months. You will find results of a new survey which reveals travel trends among the ever connected consumer. We believe this opens up more opportunities for developers and marketers as advancements in mobile devices and changes in user behaviour invariably opens up possibilities for local content and applications.

   Among the Top Markets in the first quarter are:-

  1. India 16.98 billion impressions
  2. Indonesia 8.2 bil
  3. South Africa 2.53 bil
  4. Nigeria 2.48 bil
  5. Saudi Arabia 2.41 bil
  6. United States 2.37 bil
  7. United Kingdom 1.84 bil
The coming months will also see more disruption in the mobile industry as more carriers abandon device subsidies. We think this will drive price sensitive consumers to turn to cheaper but powerful devices disrupting the growth path of many manufacturers and affect the development of content.

For more details, please download the report or the summarised infographic.