April 02, 2014

Mobile & Desktop Campaigns – 4 Simple Steps

Consumers’ adoption of PCs, smartphones and tablets has given need for advertising campaigns to be spread across multiple screens for marketers to stay in front of audiences.  

From April 2014, advertisers can do just this on the BuzzCity Ad Network.

To get started, advertisers can simply proceed with the following steps after creating / login to their advertiser account at www.buzzcity.com

1.       Create a campaign
This can be done by heading to the Advertiser tab on the homepage and select “My Campaigns” from the drop-down menu.

2.       Select a device class for your campaign

Once campaign details are filled out during campaign creation, move to “Creative & Landing URL” and select “Device Class”. The drop down menu allows you to specify if the campaign created is targeted at mobile or desktop devices. 

3.       Get the banners right
On the “Creative and Landing URL” select the banner type to indicate if it is an image or text ad. For image ads targeting desktops, we want to enforce the compulsory uploading of all banners indicated below. They are optimized for better campaign performance suited for both desktops and/or mobile devices. 

4.       Submit your campaign
Upon submission, your campaign for desktop will be up in a couple of seconds. You will be able to monitor and track all activities on the campaign listing page upon the completion of campaign submission

For enhanced desktop targeting capability, plans are already underway to enable platform targeting for Windows and/or MAC OS. We hope to be able to share more details hopefully in the next quarter.
Our desktop offering supports both Microsoft Windows OS and/or MAC OS and works on a cost per click (CPC) model.