June 23, 2014

Who's advertising on Mobile ?

In the first half of 2014 the network delivered 166 billion advertising banners an increase of more than 32% compared to the first half of 2013. Our network now delivers 30 billion ad banners per month.

This follows the increasing diversity of advertisers adopting mobile as an advertising channel.

Over the last six months, traditional retailers and online stores competed for audiences as e-commerce and m-commerce begin to converge on various mobile platforms.
As more people surf with their mobile, the ensuing change in user behaviour is met with online services that cater to them. Campaigns ranged from online reviews and recommendations to home delivery services.
Among the numerous campaigns, movie promotions are beginning to reflect the inclusion of mobile as part of mainstream advertising. Despite the variety of inventive ways of marketing a movie (especially with interactivity via mobiles and social media) the objective of movie marketing is to boost footfalls to the cinema. Movie promotions over the last six months featured free merchandise to encourage more to enjoy the cinematic experience of the big screen.

Many marketing ideas, of course, depend on the budget of the film and what the film is about, but with the right, creative approach, many movies can be marketed on a budget to a wide audience. The same can be said of music and campaigns by Universal Music demonstrate the need for digital music distribution techniques beyond appstores like iTunes.