October 21, 2014

The BuzzCity Report Vol 4 Issue 4 - Sept 2014

In this report we cover the third quarter of 2014 during which our network delivered 83 billion paid ads. 

Over the course of the year we delivered 244 billion ads, a growth of 24% from last year.

Among the Top Markets in the third quarter are :-

India   20.0 billion
Indonesia   16.9 bil
South Africa   4.9 bil
Nigeria           3.3 bil
Pakistan         2.6 bil
United States  2.4 bil
Malaysia        2.4 bil

The report also features a survey on online video viewing. Among our audience, 84% watch videos online and three quarters (75%) use their phones for this. We note that the communal aspect of video sharing (16%) has rivalled, if not outpaced, the communal value of watching TV with family and friends (12%). But the report cautions that the only way to secure engagement with videos is to create content that people care about - and this though is not something than can quantified or measured.

We also report on how surfers view advertising and the media that influences them. Despite their mixed feelings towards ads in general, more than three quarters of mobile surfers rely on advertising to make purchasing decisions. While negative attitudes prevail (59%), consumers are generally well disposed to advertising (60%). We advise marketers to consider rich media or video formats to deliver emotion and engagement beyond the direct response of a banner.