October 07, 2009


Our latest Ad Index is just out.

In the third quarter of 2009, more than 5.4 billion advertiser banners were delivered across the entire network. Among the Top 5, Indonesia, India, United States and South Africa remained unchanged in ranking.

  1. Indonesia remains in top position - more than 1.8 billion banners were served to Indonesian audiences – although traffic dropped by 52% from the previous quarter.
  2. Indian advertising also declined by 16% and fell below the 1 billion mark.
  3. South African traffic declined in the third quarter, reversing the trend of previous quarters but remained in fourth place behind USA.
  4. Kenya enjoyed 52% growth and replaced United Kingdom in 5th place.

Among the Top 10 Countries noted for sustained growth are :-

  1. Nigeria, which rose to 6th place having enjoyed a growth of 114%.
  2. Canada (in 8th place) and Malaysia (9th) rose in ranking having enjoyed 28% and 13% growth respectively.
  3. Italy continues to grow (23%) but remained in 19th place.
  4. Australian growtoh continues to grow for two straight quarters - 19% in Q2 and 70% in Q3.
  5. New Zealand enjoys triple digit growth in Q2 (136%) and in Q3 (148%) .

Depth continues to develop in the network with 26 countries now with monthly traffic exceeding 10 million impressions per month as more users surf the internet on their mobiles. To find out more, click here for a full copy of the Mobile Internet Ad Index.