October 30, 2009

Starting Prices on The BuzzCity Mobile Internet Ad Network

Starting prices (minimum bids) will no longer be fixed at $0.01 for CPC for some countries within the BuzzCity Mobile Ad Network. To date, this value has been kept at the most mimimum, allowing the available inventory to attract bidders who then place competing bids.

As experienced advertisers get better acquainted with the quality of our network, they start bidding at a price above the (previous) one cent minimum. This invariably sets a “reserve price” (of sorts) that is invisible to newer advertisers - new bids at one cent will get fewer exposure and clicks.

To create better transparency for advertisers we:-
  1. Have set a minimum bid fixed at $0.05 in high-demand markets.
  2. Are providing bid recommendations that closely match latest bidding patterns. These may fluctuate depending on competition for traffic and gives advertisers a better idea of what to bid. Please check the campaign planner to set or optimise campaigns.
While bid recommendations will be made for all countries within our network, the starting price is raised for some markets in our network. Starting Prices for US, UK, France, Spain, Germany & Italy are USD 0.05.

Current campaigns will continue to run based on prevailing starting prices of $0.01 until 1st Dec 2009. 

From 19th Nov 2009, all new campaigns will take into account revised starting prices for US, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.