March 11, 2010

The BuzzCity Mobile Money Survey

We’ve released the results of our fifth global survey investigating consumer mobile behaviour, on the global mobile payments market.

The survey identifies three areas where progress is needed:
  1. User education about mobile banking services to increase uptake.
  2. Increased partnerships between banks, carriers and merchants to increase the number of products available for purchase.
  3. New services need to be developed to enable mobile transactions for those without access to traditional banking facilities.
This study examines two key "Mobile Money" themes:

1.  Banking Services & the Mobile Platform. 47% of respondents did not know whether their banks offered banking services and an additional 15% were aware of the offer but had not taken it up. This indicates that banks still have some way to go in educating consumers about the availability and benefits of mobile banking services.

2.  Transactions & the Mobile Platform. The survey shows that although most of these purchases (68%) are related to mobile phone use, such as mobile content and prepaid airtime, users also buy other mainstream products with their mobiles. In fact, 23% have bought from online stores, paid a bill, bought prepaid utilities and made bookings – all through their mobile.

The full report is presented in two parts, a global summary and profiles of individual countries:
  1. The BuzzCity Mobile Money Survey and
  2. Appendix - Country Profiles