March 24, 2010

Commentary: Java Games from Orange and HMV

At BuzzCity, we were quite interested to see the recent announcement by Orange and HMV that they are working together to launch a new mobile gaming service.

There are some clear benefits to this partnership. The service will be available across any network. And it will work on more than 1,000 Java enabled handsets. A different company would have restricted the gaming platform to Smartphones, so this is a refreshing move by Orange. It will be interesting to see how other operators respond.

At BuzzCity, we also take an open platform approach by providing advertisers, consumers, developers and publishers access to innovative mobile platforms regardless of their access to technology.

The involvement of two major brands also validates our hypothesis that mobile gaming is growing exponentially. Djuzz -- our new gaming platform -- was only launched last month, but it already receives nearly 30,000 downloads a day. Djuzz match-makes a gaming audience hungry for more content with creative game developers across the globe.