July 06, 2010

Calculating Ad Traffic Using The BuzzCity Campaign Planner

By Delynn Ho, VP Sales

The BuzzCity Campaign Planner provides a host of demographic and publisher site data for markets across the BuzzCity Ad Network. You can use this to estimate the size of your viewing audience and the required budget.

Let's say for example that my company is running a promotion for a female spa in Jakarta. Our research shows that women aged 30-34 are the most likely to take up the service. And these women enjoy Entertainment and Lifestyle content. If we run a campaign on the BuzzCity Ad Network targeting this market segment, how many pageviews should we expect?
Well, Indonesia had 1,111.4 million pageviews in June.

Using the Campaign Planner, I find that

  • 22.3% of Indonesian mobile surfers are women
  • 19.82% are aged 30-34 and
  • 26.08% are in Jakarta
  • 49.27% is the market share of the Entertainment & Lifestyle channel.
So my campaign will attract approximately 12.8 million pageviews.

(Take the total number of pageviews for the country then multiply by the percentage of users who are women times the percent who are in the targeted age group times the percent living in Jakarta. 1,111.4 million x 22.3% x 19.82% x 26.08% = 12,811,102.)

If I run my campaign at the minimum bid (US$0.01), I will need to spend US$63k to reach the entire market. At the recommended bid level of US$0.04, that's US$252k.

Keep in mind that Indonesia is also one of our largest markets. A similar campaign targeting spa users in Kuala Lumpur, would attract 115,000 pageviews and cost about US$1,148 at the minimum bid or US$35k at the recommended bid.

Not to worry, though, you can still use the BuzzCity Associate Centre to set a maximum daily spend.

The recommended bid is the price required to capture the majority of traffic in a market. The higher the bid, the more exposures allocated to a campaign. We generally suggest bidding no lower than 20% below the recommended price point. Note as well that the success of your campaign also depends on a number of factors, including the attractiveness of your banners and marketing message.