October 31, 2012

Adjapon Extends Reach with BuzzCity

Adjapon is to utilise BuzzCity’s complete suite of mobile display advertising offering for its clients’ campaigns to reach consumers in South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

This will simplify workflow and processes for Japanese advertisers and allows more effective media buying across international markets. As a platform and handset agnostic network, the BuzzCity ad network is ideal for Japanese brands and agencies advertising into the global market.

Adjapon is a subsidiary of performance marketing company F@N Communications, Inc. and was established in March 2012 to advance growth in international markets. The continued expansion of the BuzzCity ad network makes it well placed to serve the international needs of Japanese advertisers; BuzzCity delivers ads to consumers in the South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. 

The rapid growth of the BuzzCity network in 2012 has already outpaced growth in 2011 and the network has delivered more than 150 billion banner advertisements so far this year. By the end of September, BuzzCity’s ad network served more than 20 billion ad banners per month, more than 45% of which were served to smartphones. To date, 29 countries have smartphone penetration in excess of 20%. The top smartphone markets include :-
  1. Canada 95%
  2. Saudi Arabia 93%
  3. UAE 93%
  4. United Kingdom 89%
  5. Qatar 87%
  6. Spain 84%
  7. Norway 83%
  8. Singapore 81%
  9. France 67%
  10. Poland 67%