November 14, 2013

The Connected Shopper

We recently polled 13,000 consumers in 20 countries on their online and in–store shopping habits. 

One of the key findings dispels fears that online shopping is to blame for the challenges met by high street retailers; the 59% of consumers who shop online also shop in-store. Nearly half of consumers (47%) expect to do their holiday shopping online this year, but this does not adversely affect the number of people shopping in-store, with top destinations online and offline being Computers & Electronics, Books & Music and Clothing & Accessories.

Recent Shopping Activity

Contrary to popular belief, price is not the overall deciding factor. Whether shopping in-store or online, consumers look first for variety (33%); they then expect products to be well displayed and easy to find (32%). Discounts come in third place (24%) when shopping in-store and fifth place (14%) when shopping online.

But the real challenge for in-store retailing comes from the alternatives that the connected consumer has that result in ‘abandoned’ shopping. Almost a third (32%) of shoppers surveyed has left the store because what they wanted was not available or discounted. This means that retailers need to be able to tell consumers what is sold out and the alternatives that are available, before they arrive. Sharing this type of information online and on the shop floor has become an important step in the evolution of retail.

All told, the experience of variety & discovery continues to drive choice of where to shop. Variety though, is not always about a dizzying array of products but rather a choice of products within a price range.

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