January 21, 2015

Publisher Update : Audience Profiles

By Evelyn Tay, Director, Publisher Alliance

From November 2014, Publisher accounts are supported with Audience Profiles to help each publisher put across content / services to the right people in the most effective way.

These profiles are derived from continuous sampling of visitors to each Publisher site (or application) and can be found in the Audience Profile selection from the dropdown menu.

The demographic data provides overall profile of visitors based on their country of origin. Here is an example from a publisher with South African audience.

These are in turn broken by Age and Gender, their location by City and the overall Rural / Urban distribution within each country.

(Our online Campaign Planner consolidates all audience profiles by Country and is presented as a planning tool for Advertisers) .

Each month BuzzCity samples a segment of users to develop an audience profile for each Publisher. In the coming months we expect to include ‘Occupation’ distribution as part of profile data.

The Audience Profile not only helps our Publishers understand their visitors better but helps us to improve Publisher earnings by matching audiences to the relevant advertisers.  The aggregate Audience Profile powers a feature that helps Advertisers show their ads to groups of Publishers whose visitors have specific audience attributes.

In the next post we will outline how this is used as an advertiser feature.