January 09, 2015

Quality Affordable Phones

As far as we can tell, there are more than 100 mobile phone manufacturers (and 5,000 unique mobiles) across the world, although 40 or so of the more commonly used brands are listed in our campaign planner.

As the smaller ones establish stronger sales across the world, they begin to threaten the dominance of the bigger players. Across our benchmark markets we see Nokia's (28%) dominance  being challenged by Samsung (22%). We also note increasing penetration of high quality, affordable phones by many small brands we've collectively named 'Other Makers' that now make up more than a quarter of handsets used.

Data from our campaign planner also mirrors reports of handset fragmentation in Europe. By Jan 2015 'Other Makers' made up 35% of phones used in France, 28% in Spain and 26% in the UK.

For more details on specific markets please view our online Campaign Planner.

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